Accessibility Plan 2017

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Improving Curriculum Access






Training for teachers on delivering the curriculum

Cycle B.

Review our curriculum topics and develop new mini-adventure cross-curricular topics

All teachers are able to more fully meet the requirements of disabled children’s needs with regards to accessing the curriculum

Sept 2017-2018

Increase in access to the National Curriculum

Increase range of  out-of-school activities to appeal to a wide range pupils.

Review all out-of-school provision to ensure compliance with legislation, take ideas from school council

All out-of-school activities will be conducted in an inclusive environment with providers that comply with all current and future legislative requirements

Sept 2017-18

Increase in access to all school activities for all disabled pupils

Improving the Delivery of Written Information






Availability of written material in alternative formats

The school will make itself aware of the services available through the LA for converting written information into alternative formats.

The school will be able to provide written information in different formats when required for individual purposes

Sept 2018

Delivery of information to disabled pupils improved

Make available school brochures, school newsletters and other information for parents in alternative formats

Review all current school publications and promote the availability in different formats for those that require it.

Use texts, electronic display board and emails to communicate with parents

All school information available for all.

Parental feedback on communication to be sought.

Sept 2018

Delivery of school information to parents and the local community improved


   Improving access to school through provision of daily wraparound care.





Establish before and after school provision accessible to whole school community including working parents.

Establish  Foundation Stage Unit with nursery provision including additional wraparound places

Launch The Hub open 7.45am for breakfast club and closing 6.00pm every day.  Hub run by school staff with range of activities.

School run Nursery opens with 20 places

From Sept 2016